Team AIMS / Volunteer

Many hands make light the spirit of supporting our AIMS community, we ask for everyone's help. 

Below are opportunities which need your volunteer commitment, Please contact the Business Office to learn more about each one. Thank you for your continued dedication to our school!

  • Team AIMS

    Team AIMS is composed of parents/guardians/caregivers of currently enrolled students at Amelia Island Montessori School. These volunteers work together with AIMS Administration in executing the Team’s events, programs, and fundraisers designed to support our teachers and students, while also strengthening our school community.

    MissionTeam AIMS supports AIMS staff, as requested, in:

    • Developing closer connections between school and home by encouraging family involvement;

    • Enhancing the educational experience by supporting enrichment activities;

    • Improving the school experience for AIMS students by providing volunteer and financial support.

  • Campus Beautification

    Having a wooded, shady campus and classroom gardens that suit our students does call for pruning and clean-up. Watch your email for opportunities to pitch in together and keep our campus safe and inviting. 

  • OTHER VOLUNTEER opportunities

    Throughout the year, specific needs arise which require volunteer assistance. Please watch the school's weekly communication (the FLYER) for current requests. Alternatively, please contact the Business Office or your child's teacher to enquire about any current needs.

  • Volunteer log

    As part of each student's enrollment contract, each family is required to fulfill twenty (20) volunteer hours in various projects throughout the academic year.

    • At least ten (10) hours must be given to school-wide projects (such as building/grounds or fundraising/school events).
    • The remaining ten (10) hours may be given in the classroom, however, if parents and/or guardians are unavailable during school hours, then more hours may be given to school-wide projects.
                                    Click here to log volunteer hours