REquired Forms and Consent

The documents in the link below must be provided or updated for enrollment or continuous attendance. Please click on each form link, read each form, and indicate your review / understanding through the "Acknowledgement Form" link at the bottom. Submitting the Acknowledgement will signify your agreement to the policies. Please print these documents if you require them for your records.

  1. Birth Certificate (please submit to the Business Office)
  2. Current Immunization Record (please submit to the Business Office)
  3. Current Health Record (please submit to the Business Office)
  4. DCF Know Your Child Care Facility
  5. DCF The Flu: A Guide for Teachers
  6. Emergency Procedures Policy
  7. Discipline Policy
  8. Alternate Nutrition Plan
  9. Illness Policy
  10. Attendance Policy
  11. Uniform Policy / Dress Code
  12. Bug Spray and Sunscreen Permission
  13. Acknowledgement of responsibility to Read Online Parent Handbook
  14. iPad Agreement
  15. Media Release / Photography Permission
  16. AIMS Directory Permission
  17. AIMS Partnership Agreement
  18. Montessori at Home (please read and retain for your reference)

Acknowledgement Form