Dear Parents:

Many times in passing I am asked, "What is Montessori?". It is difficult for me or anyone to sum up the entire philosophy in a few sentences that could easily leave out an important integral aspect. Dr. Maria Montessori built a method of education upon her medical research, observations of children and the idea that children think, learn, and develop differently than adults. She believed that this method of education would produce not only joyful, lifelong scholars, but also caring human beings, who would lead us to world peace.

Recently, I purchased a loaf of sourdough bread from the famous Boudin Bakery in San Francisco. The bag in which the bread was sold described the company's sourdough history. The bakery proudly claimed, that since 1849, the "initial recipe lives on in the hands and hearts" of today's expert Boudin bakers since "a portion of the original mother dough" is still a part of each and every sourdough loaf made.

Amelia Island Montessori School (AIMS), too, has a unique history and recipe for authentic Montessori. AIMS has provided a whole-child, concrete to abstract, individualized curriculum, and child-driven learning to students since 1973 (almost 50 years!) The initial recipe lives on in the hands and hearts of today's current staff and faculty as well. Families and faculty are partners in a student's education and work together for the best interest of the child. Come visit us for an information session and tour. My goal is for you to understand what Montessori is and have all of your questions answered and your expectations met.

In the service of the child,

Diane M. Dodds

Head of School